Court reserves verdict on formation of medical board to assess Zahir’s mental health

ISLAMABAD: The verdict on the application of Zahir Jaffer’s counsel to set up a medical board to assess the accused’s mental state has been reserved by a sessions court here on Wednesday.

Jaffer is the key suspect in the high profile Noor Mukadam murder case. Noor was found murdered at the former’s residence on July 20 last year. The accused was arrested subsequently and indicted along with 11 others including his parents on October 14.

Jaffer’s counsel had filed an application to review his mental health citing his antics in the court previously that had seen him thrown out of the court by the judge twice for hurling obscenities at him. According to Jaffer’s counsel, they had filed the application on grounds of his behaviour in the court.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor and Noor’s family’s counsel asked the court to do away with the request as the application was filed during the latter half of the murder trial.

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