Pakistanis believe corruption in public sector is high: TI survey

Public sector

KARACHI: According to the findings of the National Corruption Perception Survey 2021, majority of the Pakistanis continued to believe that corruption was high in the government sector.

The results indicate that 41.4 percent of the people believe the police to be the most corrupt government institution, 17.4pc think that the judiciary is dishonest, and 10.3pc see the Contracting/Tendering as the most corrupt sector.

And when it comes to paying bribes to get access to basic services, ‘contracts of roads’ takes the cake with 59.8pc, followed by cleanliness & garbage collection with 13.8pc, access to water with 13.3pc, and drainage system with 13.1pc.

As for dealing with corrupt individuals in the system, 40.1pc call for strict punishments in corruption cases, 34.6pc opine that the public officers be held accountable by NAB, and 25.3pc want complete ban on individuals from holding public offices if they are found involved and convicted in corruption cases.

According to the Transparency International Pakistan, the surveys were conducted across the four provinces in the second half of October in which 1600 people participated.

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