Citizens of Karachi lose around 146 motorcycles every day in street crimes

KARACHI: During the month of February, around ten citizens lost their lives, and 25 got injured in resistance against street crimes in Karachi. A report by Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) has unveiled that around 7,000 incidents of street crime were reported in Karachi in the last month.

According to the report, 2255 incidents of mobile snatching were registered in Karachi. It is pertinent to mention here that these are the figures that got officially reported. The non-reported cases are separate and account for a much larger number. The report also stated that 4380 people were deprived of their motorcycles. Out of these numbers, 326 motorcycles were stolen at gunpoint.

According to the report, on an average every day 146 motorcycles are stolen. Which makes it six motorcycles every hour. Similarly, 178 vehicles were stolen, out of which 15 were reported to be stolen at gunpoint.

Media reports told that Sindh Police and Rangers conducted a joint operation against suspected groups who were involved in drug dealing and over 2,000 street crimes. The representative of security authorities said that forces carried out an operation in the Ghazi Goth area, where they arrested three suspects.

Forces confiscated cash, a stolen motorcycle, and snatched mobiles from their possession. The arrested individuals were identified as Abdul Rehman, Kashif and Lalay. Rangers claimed that the group has carried over 2,000 robberies in multiple areas of Karachi, and several FIRs are lodged against them.

In a similar operation in Nusrat Bhutto Colony, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) and Rangers arrested Alian Tattu, Asmat alias Bhola and Shabbir. The authorities found two mobile phones, and 12 kilogrammes of Hashish in their possession.

Multiple raids are being conducted in different areas to curb the crime rate in Karachi. Rangers have appealed to the citizens to inform them about suspicious groups and individuals on their helpline 1101.

People can also reach out to them on their WhatsApp number – 03479001111.

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