Capitol Hill riots & holding office illegally: Donald Trump calls himself innocent

Capitol Hill riots cases: Donald Trump calls himself innocent in cases

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, called himself innocent and rejected all the accusations against him. According to the American media, former President Donald Trump appeared in the Washington DC court where the judge read all four charges related to the events related to Capitol Hill riots on January 6. The court has set the next hearing for August 28, 2023.

According to American media, the verdict of Donald Trump’s case will be announced after five days of presidential debate. Strict security measures were outside the court where media was present in large numbers. Trump’s supporters and opponents were also present outside the court with placards.

It should be noted that in recent days, Donald Trump was indicted on charges of influencing the presidential election and Capitol Hill riots.

The former president is accused of illegally holding office after the 2020 election results. American media reported that Donald Trump could face imprisonment of 55 years if all allegations are proven against him.

Capital Hill Riots of January 6

In 2020, US senators gathered on Capitol Hill as they had the duty to certify the results of presidential elections. Donald Trump held the position of president at that time and he addressed the supporters at the ‘Save America’ rally.

During the address, he urged the supporters for a ‘peaceful march’ to Capitol Hill. But he also ignited them to ‘fight like hell’ by making claims of voter fraud.

Around 2000-2500 people from far-right groups forced their way with weapons into the building where US senators were present. Reportedly, Vice President Mike Pence was rushed out and all US senators hid from the violent supporters of Trump. It took the police & security authorities over four hours to control the situation and confiscate the violence that occurred on January 06.

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