Burqah-clad youngster attacks two doctors with knife in Jinnah Hospital

KARACHI: A young man wearing a burqah brought a knife here in Jinnah Hospital where he attacked two doctors and severely injured them.

According to the hospital sources present on Sunday in Jinnah Hospital’s General Surgical Ward number 3, the burqah-clad youngster entered the room and fought with a doctor. During this time, the attacker used the knife he brought to assault the doctors present, and subsequently injured them.

Upon their shouting and yelling, a crowd formed and managed to subdue and apprehend the attacker. The police was called who took the attacker into their custody. After the incident, the doctors lamented the lack of security present at the hospital and confirmed that they would lodge official legal proceedings against the assailant.

The injured doctors received treatment afterwards at the emergency room and the medical legal team filed an ML report. According to a report, the attacker had entered the hospital to harm a lady doctor who worked there.

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