Boris Johnson quits as Prime Minister of United Kingdom

On Thursday, Boris Johnson resigned as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Over 50 ministers of the Conservative Party resigned from their posts, which left Boris with no choice but to quit as the prime minister. Johnson took the charge of UK as its premier in 2019. He strongly said that the UK should leave the European Union.

While announcing his resignation Boris Johnson said:
“The process of choosing that new leader should begin now.
And today I have appointed a cabinet to serve, as I will until a new leader is in place.“

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, the resignation was inevitable. Johnson had lost the majority as most of the Conservative Party lawmakers had left his side. The process to choose a new leader will begin now.

A survey unveiled that Defence Minister Ben Wallace is a strong candidate for the premiership. Other strong candidates include Penny Mordaunt, Junior Trade Minister, and Rishi Sunak, Former Finance Minister.

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