BNP-Mengal demands 50pc profit for Balochistan govt in Reko Diq deal

Reko Diq

QUETTA: Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal) president Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal has categorically stated that the party would not settle down for anything less than 50 per cent profit for the Balochistan government in the Reko Diq gold project. He was addressing a press conference here on Sunday.

Mengal demanded of the authorities a 50pc share for the Balochistan government, stating that a refinery be set up so as to determine the exact quantity of gold and other minerals that have been extracted. Mengal said that a protest would be lodged by his party and others if the agreement was, in any way, found against the interests of the locals of the province.

Mengal also took the opportunity to dispel the notion that is usually associated with his party, stating that the BNP-Mengal was not an anti-development people, instead it was against the exploitation of the province’s resources at the pretext of development.

Citing the example of Sui gas, Mengal said that 45pc of the country was provided gas by the Sui reserves whereas the locals had to resort to burning firewood. He also criticised the CPEC stating that it was termed as a project that would change the fortunes of the whole region, however, people were still deprived of basic necessities.

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