Barrister Gohar Khan named as candidate for PTI chairmanship

Barrister Gohar Khan named chairman PTI candidate

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday, the developments in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf took a surprising turn when former prime minister Imran Khan named Barrister Gohar Khan as his candidate for the post of chairman PTI in the intra-party polls. The announcement came after a lot of chaos among the party leadership regarding the candidate of chairmanship in place of Imran, who held the role since the formation of the party.

Former PM Imran Khan has been tangled in legal battles and serving time in jail, due to which he had to step back from pursuing the position. News reports claim that intra-party polls of PTI would take place on Saturday, which would decide the name of a new chairman and other positions. Imran Khan and his sister would not take part in the intra-party elections.

Earlier it was said that Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Hamid Khan could be potential candidates for the position. There were dim chances that Pervaiz would get the chairmanship.

On the other hand, ECP has adjourned the hearing of the removal of Imran Khan from the chairmanship till December 5, 2024. PTI lawyer has been directed to submit a reply by the next hearing.

About Gohar Khan

Barrister Gohar Khan graduated in law from Wolverhampton University – UK and pursued an LLM from the Washington School of Law – USA. He is a practising advocate at the Supreme Court of Pakistan, with an active legal career with over 50 reported judgments in areas like corporate law, arbitration, banking, elections, taxation, and commercial law.

He is an expert in civil and criminal trials, appearing before the Supreme Judicial Council, Field General Court Martial, and its Court of Appeal. His clientele includes notable individuals from public and private entities.

Gohar was associated with the Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentarian and also contested the National Assembly elections in 2008. In 2022, he became part of PTI.

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