Bard Foundation and mountaineer mom become the source of inspiration for students across schools and universities

BARD Foundation, a strong advocate and support system for passionate explorers, and Naila Kiani, an adventurous and passionate lady mountaineer have come together to communicate a key message on women empowerment and youth motivation. Naila Kiani, who needs no introduction after scaling three peaks of over 800 meters and landing her name as first Pakistani woman to climb K2 in her very first attempt. BARD foundation steps forward to support the mountaineer mom to follow the challenging path of her dreams that eventually registers her as a symbol of inspiration, valor and strength.

BARD Foundation has conducted an inspirational campaign to conduct motivational talks of Naila Kiani at different universities like LUMS, Habib University and IBA Karachi. During her interaction with students at LUMS, Naila Kiani said, “I am taking on the challenge to inspire youth and women at midlife to overcome all their fears and hurdles and let themselves experience the joy of liberation it can bring. It was not an easy job to train for this challenge while having to live away from my young daughters for so many days. But one thing that kept me motivated in the freezing mountains was the ambition that I had to prove to myself and to other struggling women that it is always possible to push outside of your comfort zone, no matter how massive or minute the challenge”.

Through this campaign, BARD foundation and Naila Kiani have highlighted an important aspect that passion and ambition are not restricted by age and ability level but are only determined through willpower and resolve. To hold these sessions in universities, it is aimed at encouraging the youth to live their passions fearlessly and not underestimate their potential to ace in respective fields. These inspirational sessions lead youth to discover a sense of adventure within themselves that helps to rediscover their identity  in the outer world.





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