Arshad Sharif’s death remains unsolved puzzle

The details and circumstances which led to Arshad Sharif’s death are still blurry as different sources are providing tangled information. The Kenyan government is trying to provide a cover up to the cops. On the other hand, Kenyan journalists claim that the incident was a planned murder and PTI member Faisal Vawda also gave similar remarks in yesterday’s press conference but with different details.

A Kenyan investigative journalist, Brian Obuya, tweeted that a shot fired with precision killed Arshad. According to Brian, the vehicle of Arshad was shot nine times. He earlier said that the dead body of the Pakistani journalist was found 78kms away from the spot where the tragic incident occurred as per the Kenyan police.

Surprisingly, the government officials of Kenya are standing in favour of the police. Mike Sonko, former governor of Nairobi, said that police thought Arshad was involved in car theft and were tricked into shooting him. Mike added that a killer squad from Pakistan was responsible for killing Arshad as he was investigating the politicians involved in money-laundering.

Meanwhile, PTI leader Vawda said Arshad’s murder was pre-planned. During his aggressive press conference, Vawda claimed that the killing of the senior anchorperson was not an accident. He said that Arshad was shot in the chest and head. He denied the report of 20 shots fired at Arshad’s car.

He also noted that Arshad was expelled from the country and was being threatened. His press conference has raised questions as the government-controlled entity, Press Information Department, forwarded its invitations. Moreover, it got telecast live on Pakistan Television where PTI members and opposition representatives are not usually given the coverage.

Arshad’s last riots will be carried out today in Islamabad. The funeral prayer will take place in Shah Faisal Mosque at 2:00 PM.

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