Air Pollution in Karachi

AIR in Karachi, an industrialised city, is unfortunately affected by the toxic fumes of factories and mills which has serious repercussions on our environment as well as our health. I live near Safoora Chowrangi where a resident, who is one of our next-door neighbours, burns garbage at a ground which is situated right next to my house.

It makes it incredibly difficult for us to breathe. Other area residents have also complained because there are children including infants and elderly people in houses for whom this smoke is quite harmful and dangerous. However, due to the absence of administration, no one has been able to stop him.

I am writing to you to inform the people that garbage should not be burnt in the streets and fields where people live nearby. The garbage collection vehicles of the government will take away the waste themselves and dispose it off in a manner that is eco-friendly and doesn’t contribute more to air pollution in the city.

Fiza Sikandar

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