A beginning of a true champion! Meet Maryam, a trailblazing athlete constantly pushing boundaries to achieve greatness

Meet Maryam, a trailblazing athlete

Pakistan is home to several immensely talented female sports personalities. From Sana Mir, Samina Baig, Karishma Ali, Hajra Khan, Naseem Hameed to Rubab Raza, Palwasha Bashir, Diana Baig, Sidra Ameen, Shazia Hidayat, all have been an inspiration to the upcoming generation of female sports stars. The young females have now rolled up their sleeves to shine in the field of sports and inspire others with their diligence & hard work.

One of these rising young athletes is Maryam, who has embarked on a journey of excellence in sports. Her journey began in 2021 when she took participated in the Pakistan Online Women Football Referees Course. This was her first step in showing commitment to making a difference in sports.

Recognizing the importance of holistic sports development, Maryam took her efforts one step ahead and successfully completed the 2nd Throwball Coaching and Orientation Course in 2022. The decision to excel in a diverse range of sports shows her versatility and commitment to the athletics universe.

Maryam registered a major achievement by winning the Inter-District Girls’ Football de Salon Championship at Hyderabad, proving that her skills and resilience know no bounds. However, she startled everyone with her impressive coaching skills as she shined as a Sports Coach at the Sindh Boy Scouts Association’s Summer Camp, instilling values of teamwork and determination in young minds.

By 2023, she successfully completed the Athletic (Track and Field) Technical Official Course and attended a Workshop on Class Management and Teaching Methodology, proving that she has the capability to become a mentor & leader in the near future.

In such a short span, Maryam is now a founder of MM Academy Karachi. With her new endeavour, Maryam’s mission is to inspire & impart dedication, passion, and leadership among young kids along with paving her way to greatness in sports.

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